Everquest Classic image with Everquest logo, Firiona Vie and red dragon

Everquest Guide: How to Start Playing Everquest

Where to download Everquest (for free!). 6 Reasons to Pay for All Access membership. What server to choose. What class is best for you. Start your adventure here!

Everquest load screen for the Claws of Veeshan expansion

3 Reasons Why I Play Everquest

What keeps Everquest installed on my laptop? Why do I return to play year after year? In this article, I codify my thoughts about why I like Everquest so much.

Hands on a laptop with a plant and white background.

Guide to Games That Emphasize Emergent Narrative

Defines emergent narrative, explains the benefits and lists the salient features. Covers the best games, along with some other games of note.

A mock cover for Splort magazine introducing Season 3 of Blaseball

Blaseball: A Creative Splort for All

In this article, we explore the basics of blaseball, and the mythology, creativity, caring, and procedurally-generated splendor of this new splort.

Archmage Rises image with mage and a staff

Archmage Rises with Vision and Momentum

In this article, I share Thomas Henshell’s plans for Archmage Rises, a D&D-style mage simulator with procedurally generated everything!

A screenshot of Imperator Rome showing the province of Latium in Italia

Imperator: Rome Beginner’s Guide: The Top Bar

This Imperator: Rome Beginner’s Guide takes a slow, methodical approach to understand the game interface and mechanics.

Futuristic looking fighter overlooking desert canyon with the words "Shadow Empire"

Shadow Empire: Sci-Fi Strategy Sandbox

Shadow Empire is a turn-based grand strategy wargame in a post-apocalyptic, military sci-fi setting with strategic choices and emergent stories.

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Blue banner for Roguelike Celebration

Roguelike Celebration 2020 is Coming Soon

Are you a fan of roguelike games, procedural generation, poetry, or game design? If so, attend the Roguelike Celebration this October 3-4.

Cave of Qud screenshot of Tomb of Eaters entrance

Caves of Qud – The Tomb of Eaters Release

A gigantic tomb complex built around the Spindle at Omonporch. Twelve stories tall with several historically striated sections, and 100 maps!

Cup of coffee with a laptop on wood table

Game News for the Week of June 28

Pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea and catch up on the game news from this last week. Caves of Qud mods, Mohawk Games, and more. Enjoy!

Roguelikedev Does the Complete Roguelike Tutorial

Learn to Code a Roguelike Game in Python

Now is your chance to learn to code games in Python! Start by following The Complete Roguelike Tutorial from RoguelikeDev.

KeeperRL wizard with red robe and staff

KeeperRL Alpha 30: Gnomes, Biomes, and Hell

KeeperRL Alpha 30 release features gnomes with automaton minions, kill lists, and a "Hell" dungeon. Read more about the new features here.

black background with white text "loadRL"

What is loadRL?

If you are a fan of roguelike games, you owe it to yourself to download loadRL. This article gives a brief introduction to this useful software tool.

Crusader Kings 3 promotional art with king, queen, and thief

Crusader Kings 3 Review: Medieval Roleplay Refined

Crusader Kings 3 is a gorgeous refinement over the previous title with engaging new mechanics and improvements to make the complexity more accessible.

Post-apocalyptic scene with futuristic soldier and the words, "Shadow Empire"

Shadow Empire Review: Deep Simulation for Strategic Decisions

Shadow Empire is a unique sandbox of deep simulation in which you the player can immerse yourself and make strategic decisions for planetary conquest.

The words "Scents and Semiosis" on a stone and ivy wall

Smell More Than Roses in Scents & Semiosis

Try your hand as a perfumer in Scents & Semiosis, interactive fiction with procedural generation, strange ingredients, and private memories.

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