About Emergent Mage

Emergent Mage is a website about video games.

As a hobby and craft, video games are a fairly new human activity to indulge in. However, things like exploration, learning, analytical thought, and emotions are very much a part of human history.

As the first generation of nerdy, video game kids enter their 50s, we can look back and see the evolution of video game stories, graphics, and mechanics. The growth of video gaming has contributed to a wealth of new ideas and types of experiences, buoyed by the exponential growth of computational power.

This website celebrates our video game experiences, presented in news, feature, review, and story articles.

Emergent Mage highlights games that use procedural generation, simulation, artificial intelligence, and randomness as a creative force for emergent narrative. The emphasis is on games in which unwritten stories emerge from the simulation and player decisions, as opposed to games with a fixed narrative.

While no games are off limits and the articles derive from the play experiences of site authors, most games covered
exemplify an emphasis on emergent narrative. Colony simulators like Dwarf Fortress and Rimworld. Roguelikes like Caves of Qud and Nethack. Strategy games like Crusader Kings 3 and Shadow Empire.

Who is Emergent Mage For?

Emergent Mage is for people that want to…

  • Learn more about and further appreciate their favorite games
  • Follow, research, and obsess about new games (i.e., the new hotness)
  • Be part of a gamer community that enjoys similar types of games and experiences
  • Celebrate their favorite game developers, the talented people that make games/art

Emergent Mage is for people that like…

  • Story-generators
  • Simulation-gone-wrong
  • Role-playing a new character
  • Beard-stroking decisions
  • Open-ended gameplay
  • Fantasy
  • Procedurally generated poetry
  • Turn-based, indie games
  • Water simulation

Emergent Mage is…

  • For gamers of all ages (13 and older, that is), races, genders, and sexual persuasion
  • Inclusive and LGBTQ+-friendly
  • #blacklivesmatter
  • #autismawareness
  • A welcoming and safe place for all