Affiliate Disclosure

Greetings! I believe in transparency on the web so I am disclosing that I include certain products and links to those products on this site. The affiliate ads at Emergent Mage earn a small commission for any purchase you make (at no extra cost to you).

Ad Selection

The affiliate ads chosen are not done so just to support the site but to also promote the game developers and authors of our favorite games and books. Please consider supporting their creativity.

The products I link to are, in most all cases, products that I personally own(ed) or use(d) and recommend.

Promotion for Readers and Contributors

Emergent Mage exists to act in service to its readers and contributors. If there is something you, as a reader and/or contributor, would like to promote on the site, please contact me. The promotional ad does not need to be an affiliate link. In fact, promotional advertising for readers and contributors is free of charge. If you have a game, book, event, etc. you would like to promote, we can find a suitable place to display it for readers.

Suitability of Promotional Material

To curate a site that matches the expectations of readers, I reserve the right to deny certain promotional material. What material is considered unsuitable is determined on a case-by-case basis.

If there is an ad you think ought to be removed from the site for some reason, please contact me.

Advertising Proceeds

The proceeds of all advertising at Emergent Mage Game Journal support the maintenance and growth of the website. Maintenance includes hosting fees and costs related to software tools for site development. Growth may include payment to authors for selected content and increased time devoted to the site. At this time, all proceeds are strictly for maintenance purposes.

Advertising Suggestions

I am open to any suggestions you have regarding advertising on or the text on this page.

As always, thank you for reading.

– Ernest Scribner