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Caves of Qud – The Tomb of Eaters Release

The Tomb of Eaters Release

Freehold Games has released The Tomb of Eaters content! If you’ve been following their Feature Friday updates you know about the Tomb and many of the finer details. They’ve worked on this for a very long time.

A big congratulations go to Freehold Games. I’m sure it feels great to have such a large and ambitious project like this completed.

Caves of Qud The Tomb of Eaters marble door text
Marble Door Text

The Tomb of Eaters

Jason Grinblat posted the huge list of updates in two parts. To describe the topmost changes, I’ll rely on his list.

  • There’s now a gigantic tomb complex built around the Spindle at Omonporch. It’s 12 stories tall, contains several historically striated sections, and includes ~100 maps.
  • There are now several archaeological features around the Tomb exterior, including the outer caryatid wall, the Arcade to the Twin Gates, and the Court of Sultans.
  • Added many, many, many new creatures, NPCs, objects, and mechanics scattered across the Tomb and its surrounding environs.
  • Added a new quest in the main questline: Tomb of the Eaters.
  • Added two side quests: The Buried Watchers and Fraying Favorites.
  • Added a new village: Ezra.
  • Added a new settlement: the mopango hideout.
  • Added three new factions: mopango, the villagers of Ezra, and the Daughters of Exile.
  • Added four new music tracks to the Tomb.

Liquid Simulation

Freehold Games put a lot of work into liquid and liquid pool simulation. This deeper simulation will impact the gameplay throughout the jungles and swamps of Qud.

  • You now swim through pools of size 2000+ drams. Swimming is now a status effect that penalizes movespeed and prevents creatures from taking move-related actions that require footing. You’re asked to confirm movement when you first move into a swim-depth pool. The swimming confirmation message is toggleable via the option in the Prompts menu.
  • Added a new status effect: wading. You now wade through pools of size 200-2000 drams. Wading gives -20 movespeed and interferes with some forms of movement, including sprinting.
  • We renormalized the volumes of all the puddles, pools, and rivers in the game. Swim-depth pools (over 2000 drams) are now much more rare.
  • Pools smaller than the wading threshold (200 drams) now use a different tile set.
  • Entering a swim-depth pool from land now displays a warning message and requires you to confirm movement.
  • Swim-depth pools now interrupt autowalk unless you are already swimming, flying, or out of phase with the pool.
  • Small puddles now evaporate over time.
  • Aquatic creatures now receive a -25 penalty to movespeed instead of the full -50. (The Swimming skill’s +25 bonus offsets this penalty.)
  • Objects now become coated in liquid more easily, and they also lose their liquid coatings more easily.
  • Liquid-coated objects have a chance to stain.
  • You can now use water to clean your stained equipment via inventory actions on either your water containers or your stained equipment.
  • Some liquids now weigh more than others.
  • Creatures moving through pools of liquid now track the liquid around. Bigger pools are more likely to be tracked around.
  • Footwear now protects you from being affected by small pools of liquid.
  • Pathfinding now puts more weight toward pathing around large pools of liquids, even less deadly ones.
  • Bilge sphincters now provide a movespeed bonus in liquid pools of 200+ drams instead of 1000+.
Caves of Qud The Tomb of Eaters mechanisms

New UI Features

  • We added a whole suite of vibrant combat animations. These can be disabled in the General options menu.
  • We added a whole new UI infrastructure to support future UI changes, and exposed a new, in-progress overlay UI for the main game screen. You can enable it from the options menu (Overlay UI > Prerelease: Use prerelease stage screen).

Grossly Inaccurate Hagiographies

Caelyn S (@inurashii) posted the following humorous list of updates on Twitter:

This massive update contains such crucial improvements as:
– combat juice
– brain brine
– puddles
– banana ranchers
– grossly inaccurate hagiographies
– four new amazing music tracks
– glowing pangolin tinkers
– another snooty Consortium merchant
– bone babka
– a repulsive device

Caelyn has created some Caves of Qud mods you should check out on MOD: The Qud Survival Guide and MOD: Folk Scrap.

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Go read the full, two-part list of updates on Steam:

The Tomb of the Eaters Changelist Part 1

The Tomb of the Eaters Changelist Part 2

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