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Crusader Kings 3 Dev Diary Index

If you’re like me, each Crusader Kings 3 Dev Diary is a weekly highlight. Once I see a Twitter or Facebook post saying one has released, I celebrate a little inside and look forward to getting a chance to read it. I think the game is shaping up nicely and I can’t wait to play (!). Crusader Kings 2 has been my favorite of the Paradox Interactive grand strategy games. I think that’s true for many due to the RPG elements and the Medieval–bordering on fantasy–time period setting.

If you haven’t already, be sure to add Crusader Kings 3 to your Steam or Humble Bundle wishlist, or to your Paradox Store watchlist.

My CK3 Mini Arcades Project

I’m a bit of a librarian. You know, collecting information, organizing, making it all accessible. In fact, I have a Masters in Library and Information Science.

When considering my next article, I knew I wanted to write about Crusader Kings 3, but I didn’t know what exactly to write about. Reading through the dev diaries some, I found myself making notes about the contents of each entry. It occurred to me that an index for the developer diaries might serve as an aide for fans.

The Paradox Interactive web page already has all the diaries in one place. That’s great. Still, having them all in one place and accompanied by an alphabetical list of key topics covered adds value. There are enough entries and pages of information now that going back and finding a particular topic is not immediate.

May the index provided here help you find the topic you want to reread or share with a friend.

What Follows

First, is an index of the key topics, each with the diary number(s) in which the topic appears.

Second, is a list of diaries and the key topics covered, along with the monthly recap videos.

The index is not exhaustive; I stuck to the main topics from each diary. For example, I did not list every perk name, just the perk tree categories.

Crusader Kings 3 Dev Diary Topic Index

All topics up to 28 August 2020.

Developer diary numbers in parenthesis.


Academies (4), Achievements (39), Administrator (12), Advantage (3), Aftermath Levies (3), AI (36), Ambiance (32), Animation (28), Architect (12), Art (28), Audio Vision (32), August (14), Authority Focus (15), Avaricious (12)


Barbershop (34), Baronies (2), Battle Phases (3), Blood Legacies (38), Bishops (6), Buildings (4)


Castles (4), Casualties (3), Casus Belli (18), Chancellor (6), Character Art (28), Character DNA System (34), Character Ethnicities (34), Character Faces (34), Characters (7, 34), Chivalry Focus (15), Claimant Factions (19), Clan Government (17), Cities (4), Civil Wars (19), Coats of Arms Art (28), Combining Mods (37), Commanders (3), Context-Sensitive Selection (25), Contract (33), Contract Negotiation (33), Control (4), Coping Mechanisms (31), Council (6), Counties (2), Court Chaplain (6), Courts (8), Cultures (27), Culture Groups (27), Cultural Innovations (27)


Design Goals (0), Development (4), Diplomacy Lifestyle (14), Diplomat (14), Discontent (19), Doctrines (20, 21), Domain Focus (12), Domain Tab (17), Duchy Capitals (4), Duty Focus (12), Dynast (1), Dynasties (1), Dynasty Legacies (1)


Encyclopedia (16), Erudition Legacies (38), Ethnicities and Culture (22), Events (14), Events Art (28), Event Scripting (30)


Factions (19), Faction Management (19), Faith (20), Faith Creation (21), Faiths (22), Family Focus (14), Family Hierarch (14), Favors (5), Fervor (24), Feudal Contracts (17), Focuses (9, 10), Foreign Affairs Focus (14)


Gallant (15), Gender Options (21), Genetic Traits (34), Glory Legacies (38), Governments (17), Guests (8), Guile Legacies (38)


Heresy Outbreak (24), Holdings (4), Holdings Art (28), Holy Orders (23), Holy Sites (20), Hooks (5), Houses (1), House Head (1)


Illustrations (28), Immortality (13), Impassable Terrain (2), Independence Faction (19), Intimidation Focus (11), Intrigue Perk Trees (11)



Kin Legacies (38), Knights (3)


Law Legacies (38), Laws (17), Learning Lifestyle (13), Legacies (38), Level of Devotion (7), Level of Fame (7), Liberty Faction (19), Lifestyle Events (10), Lifestyles (9)


Majesty Focus (14), Map (2, 25, 26, 28), Map Art (28), Map Modes (25), Map of Africa (26), Map of Europe (26), Map of Middle East (26), Map of the Far East (26), Map Scope (26), Marshal (6), Martial Lifestyle (15), Medicine Focus (13), Men-at-Arms (3, 18), Mental Breaks (31), Mercenaries (18), Military (4), Military Power (19), Moddability (20), Modding (12, 32, 33, 37), Modding Alerts (37), Modding Character Interactions (37), Modding Contracts (33), Modding Issues (37), Modding Notifications (37), Music (32)


Notifications (16)


Overseer (15)


Pagan Reformation (21), Peasant Faction (19), Performance (36), Perks (9), Personality Traits (7), Populist Factions (19), Portraits (7), Powerful Vassals (6, 17)



Raiding (17), Realm Map Mode (25), Religion (20), Religious Hostility (24), Renown (1)


Schemer (11), Schemes (5), Scholar (13), Scholarship Focus (13), Scripted GUIs (37), Secrets (5), Seduction (11), Sexuality (22), Sieges (3), Siege Weapons (3), Skulduggery Focus (11), Sound Design (32), Special Buildings (4), Spouse Councillor (6), Spymaster (6), Steward (6), Stewardship Lifestyle (12), Strategist (15), Strategy Focus (15), Stress (31), Succession Tab (17), Supply Limit (3)


Temples (4), Temptation Focus (11), Tenets (20, 21), Terrain Types (2, 25), Theologian (13), Theology Focus (13), Tooltips (16), Torture (11), Tribal Government (17), Tutorials (16)


UI Art (28), Unit Art (28), User Testing (35)

Vassals Tab (17)

Wanderers (8), War (3), War Declaration Cost (18), Warfare Legacies (38), Wealth Focus (12), Whole of Body (13)


Every Crusader Kings 3 Dev Diary So Far

(as of 08/28/2020)

October 2019

Dev Diary #0: The Vision
Topics: Design Goals

Dev Diary #1: Dynasties and Houses
Topics: Dynast, Dynasties, Dynasty Legacies, Houses, House Head, Renown

November 2019

Dev Diary #2: The Medieval Map
Topics: Baronies, Counties, Impassable Terrain, Map, Terrain Types

Dev Diary #3: War
Topics: Advantage, Aftermath Levies, Battle Phases, Casualties, Commanders, Knights, Men-at-Arms, Sieges, Siege Weapons, Supply Limit, War

Dev Diary #4: Development and Buildings
Topics: Academies, Buildings, Castles, Cities, Control, Development, Duchy Capitals, Holdings, Military, Special Buildings, Temples

Dev Diary #5: Schemes, Secrets and Hooks
Topics: Favors, Hooks, Schemes, Secrets

December 2019

Dev Diary #6: Council, Powerful Vassals and Spouse Councillor
Topics: Bishops, Chancellor, Council, Court Chaplain, Marshal, Powerful Vassals, Spouse Councillor, Spymaster, Steward

Dev Diary #7: Characters and Portraits
Topics: Characters, Level of Devotion, Level of Fame, Personality Traits, Portraits

Dev Diary #8: Courts, Guests and Wanderers
Topics: Courts, Guests, Wanderers

January 2020

Dev Diary #9: Lifestyles
Topics: Focuses, Lifestyles, Perks

Dev Diary #10: Lifestyle Events
Topics: Focuses, Lifestyle Events

Dev Diary #11: Seduction, Torture and the Intrigue Perk Trees
Topics: Intimidation Focus, Intrigue Perk Trees, Schemer, Seduction, Skullduggery Focus, Temptation Focus, Torture

February 2020

Dev Diary #12: The Stewardship Lifestyle
Topics: Administrator, Architect, Avaricious, Domain Focus, Duty Focus, Modding, Stewardship Lifestyle, Wealth Focus

Dev Diary #13: The Learning Lifestyle
Topics: Immortality, Learning Lifestyle, Medicine Focus, Scholar, Scholarship Focus, Theologian, Theology Focus, Whole of Body

Dev Diary #14: The Diplomacy Lifestyle
Topics: August, Diplomacy Lifestyle, Diplomat, Events, Family Focus, Family Hierarch, Foreign Affairs Focus, Majesty Focus

Dev Diary #15: The Martial Lifestyle
Topics: Authority Focus, Chivalry Focus, Gallant, Martial Lifestyle, Overseer, Strategist, Strategy Focus

March 2020

Dev Diary #16: Tutorials and Tooltips and Encyclopedias, Oh My!
Topics: Encyclopedia, Notifications, Tooltips, Tutorials

Dev Diary #17: Governments, Vassal Management, Laws, and Raiding
Topics: Clan Government, Domain Tab, Feudal Contracts, Governments, Laws, Powerful Vassals, Raiding, Succession Tab, Tribal Government, Vassals Tab

Dev Diary #18: Men at Arms, Mercenaries and Casus Belli
Topics: Casus Belli, Men-at-Arms, Mercenaries, War Declaration Cost

Dev Diary #19: Factions and Civil Wars
Topics:  Civil Wars, Claimant Factions, Discontent, Factions, Faction Management, Independence Faction, Liberty Faction, Military Power, Peasant Faction, Populist Factions

Dev Diary #20: Religion and Faith
Topics: Doctrines, Faith, Holy Sites, Moddability, Religion, Tenets

April 2020

Dev Diary #21: Custom Faiths and Pagan Reformation
Topics: Doctrines, Faith Creation, Pagan Reformation, Tenets

Dev Diary #22: A Medieval Tapestry
Topics: Ethnicities and Cultures, Faiths, Gender Options, Sexuality

Dev Diary #23: Holy Orders
Topics: Holy Orders

Dev Diary #24: Heresies and Doctrines
Topics: Fervor, Heresy Outbreak, Religious Hostility

May 2020

Dev Diary #25: Map Features and Map Modes
Topics: Context-Sensitive Selection, Map Modes, Realm Map Mode, Terrain Types

Dev Diary #26: Map Scope
Topics: Map of Africa, Map of Europe, Map of Middle East, Map of the Far East, Map Scope

Dev Diary #27: Cultures and Cultural Innovations
Scope: Cultures, Culture Groups, Cultural Innovations

Dev Diary #28: Art Focus
Topics: Animation, Art, Character Art, Coats of Arms Art, Events Art, Holdings Art, Illustrations, Map Art, UI Art, Unit Art

June 2020

Dev Diary #29: Even the Smallest Decision
(No Topics – The Tale of Kalevi of Karelia)

Dev Diary #30: Event Scripting
Topics: Event Scripting

Dev Diary #31: A Stressful Situation
Topics: Coping Mechanisms, Mental Breaks, Stress

Dev Diary #32: Going Medieval on Audio
Topics: Ambiance, Audio Vision, Modding, Music, Sound Design

CK3 Dev Diary #33: An Offer You Cannot Refuse
Topics: Contract, Contract Negotiation, Modding Contracts

July 2020

Dev Diary #34: It is all about appearances
Topics: Barbershop, Character DNA System, Character Ethnicities, Character Faces, Genetic Traits

Dev Diary #35: User Testing Before Release
Topics: User Testing

August 2020

Dev Diary #36: Gotta Go Fast
Topics: AI, Performance

Dev Diary #37: Modding
Topics: Combining Mods, Modding, Modding Alerts, Modding Character Interactions, Modding Issues, Modding Notifications, Scripted GUIs

Dev Diary #38: All Legacies Showcase
Topics: Blood Legacies, Erudition Legacies, Glory Legacies, Guile Legacies, Kin Legacies, Law Legacies, Legacies, Warfare Legacies

Dev Diary #39: Achievements Showcase
Topics: Achievements

There you have it; every major topic covered in the Crusader Kings 3 dev diaries up to release.

This article is a bit different, I know. Not everyone hangs out at the back of books looking at the index. If you have found this article helpful, please let me know in the comments below.

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