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Crusader Kings 3 Release Date Announced

Crusader Kings 3 Release Date

An exciting day for grand strategy fans. Today, Paradox Interactive revealed the Crusader Kings 3 release date.

I did not know they were going to make this announcement today. Maybe the clues were there and I just wasn’t seeing them.

Anyways, without further ado, the release day for Crusader Kings 3 is:

September 1, 2020

Still a few months out, but we at least have a date to look forward to now. Schedule time off from work. Decide on our most desired realms to play.

Crusader Kings 3 Release Day Videos

Along with the announcement, several videos were released to help us break the internetz.

The first video is the Official Crusader Kings 3 Story Trailer. I think they did a fantastic job. I like that it continues from the story of the baby we saw in the first trailer.

Next, is a Crusader Kings 3 Gameplay Teaser.

Finally, the next two are from T. J. Hafer at IGN. One is the Crusader Kings 3 Map Overview. The other video is 6 minutes of actual gameplay footage (!).

(You might also know T. J. Hafer from the No CB! podcast, which focuses on the grand strategy games of Paradox Interactive. It’s a favorite podcast of mine. Worth checking out!)

Crusader Kings 3 Preorder Details

Crusader Kings 3 will release with two editions: Standard and Royal.

The Standard Edition includes the following:

  • Main Game
  • Garments Of The Holy Roman Empire (bonus)

     $49.99 USD

The Royal Edition includes the following:

  • Main Game
  • Garments Of The Holy Roman Empire (bonus)
  • Expansion Pass:
  • Fashion of the Abbasid Court (Available day 1)
  • First Flavor Pack
  • First Major Expansion
  • Second Flavor Pack

    $74.99 USD

You can preorder Crusader Kings 3 at Paradox Plaza or on Steam.

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