Dwarf Fortress Villains and “New Mostly Evil Magical Stuff” Release

Dwarf Fortress Villains

The Dwarf Fortress Villains release (0.47.01) came out on Tuesday, January 28, 2020.  The Bay 12 Games Twitter (@Bay12Games) announcement describes the release as follows:

Beginnings of villainy, religious matter, guilds, adventurer parties and mounts Undead lieutenants, historical demon invasions, experimental blobs gone wrong

The official release notes offer an alternate release description:

the guilds and temples and adventurer parties and pets release which also has artifact heists and extensive historical villainy, with lots of new mostly evil magical stuff

Sounds awesome, right? Tarn suggests this is the first part of the villainy project.

What’s In This Release?

The Dwarf Fortress Villains release includes many new features.

  • Guildhalls to share knowledge
  • Temples and priests to comfort moody dwarfs
  • Historical villainy
  • Artifact heists
  • Slower aquifers
  • More types of romantic relationships
  • Merchant and military companies
  • New necromancer/mummy/demon/vampire stuff (villains)

In Adventure Mode, the roguelike version of the game, you can expect the following new features:

  • Play a whole party of adventurers
  • Ride horses
  • Pet pets
  • Display intrigue information
  • Mood information
  • Tactical combat
  • Divination shrines

The complete release notes for the Dwarf Fortress villains release are provided at Bay 12 Games. Pet your pet, pour some tea and settle in.

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Wishlist the Steam Version

If you find you enjoy playing Dwarf Fortress, consider adding the upcoming Steam version to your wishlist. The game will be released on Steam and with the help of Kitfox Games. This new version will feature a lovely new, pixel art tileset, intuitive interface, and mouse support!

Support Dwarf Fortress Developers

If you enjoy playing Dwarf Fortress, consider donating to the Bay 12 Games Patreon. Continued development for Dwarf Fortress is player supported.

I hope this Dwarf Fortress Villains update inspires you to start up the game and keep playing. Personally, I think the guildhalls, priests, and romantic relationships sound like great additions to spice up the emergent narrative. What features sound most exciting to you? Let me know in the comments below!

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