Jupiter Hell Berserker Update

Jupiter Hell Berserker Update Brings Sharp Metal

Jupiter Hell, developed by ChaosForge,  is a turn-based, 3D roguelike in a science-fiction universe. The developer, Kornel Kisielewicz, is known for the D**mRL roguelike, on which this game is based. Jupiter Hell is in Early Access but improves on the former game in every way and looks brilliant. This article covers the Jupiter Hell Berserker Update features.

If you’d like to learn more about Jupiter Hell and read the full update notes, go to jupiterhell.com.

You can buy Jupiter Hell on Steam, GOG, or  Humble Bundle.

Jupiter Hell Berserker Update

The Jupiter Hell Berserker Update 0.8.11 improves on all things melee, along with new general traits and improved class flow and performance.

More Melee Weapons

How about ripping through enemies with a chainsaw or a katana? The update adds several tiers of melee weapons, along with new game mechanics. For example…

Bladed melee weapons are special, utilizing Melee Guard mechanic – if you’re close to enemies you get an extra dodge bonus.

More Traits

This update adds class traits and makes changes to some existing traits.


  • Rip’n’Tear generates more Fury on melee kills and provides a damage bonus based on how much Fury you have
  • Running is now fueled by Fury once per level
  • Angry Motherfucker now gives bonus damage based on missing health, not pain


  • Bladedancer doubles or even triples Melee Guard values
  • Juggernaut reduces enemy damage when moving towards the targeted enemy
  • Powerjack siphons Power from Terminals


  • Swashbuckler instantly switches to a melee weapon if one is present on melee attack
  • Energy Leech produces Energy on melee kills
  • Dash makes consecutive moves in a given direction twice as fast
Jupiter Hell hallway

More Danger

Melee is more dangerous but viable. The update states the following:

A disclaimer first though – Jupiter Hell is a game of ranged combat – trying to play it melee only is much harder than any ranged build. That said, melee excels in late game in dishing huge amounts of damage! Right now it’s almost viable to main melee late game, and once Masters hit next release this will definitely be true! Now however it’s quite useful as a hybrid build – if they get too close, they’re toast!

Thanks for reading! If you haven’t played Jupiter Hell and long to wield a katana in space, now is a great time to start.

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