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KeeperRL Alpha 30: Gnomes, Biomes, and Hell

KeeperRL is an evil wizard simulator with roguelike elements. You build your own dungeon and fill it with minions and traps and lay waste to visiting heroes. You can also take control of minions and fight in a tactical, turn-based mode.

KeeperRL Alpha 30

The KeeeperRL dev team just released Alpha 30 (!). It’s a huge release with some cool features:

  • Playable Gnomes faction with automaton minions
  • Kill titles and kill lists
  • White knight faction sprite additions
  • More secrets in the world to find (read: “Hell” dungeon)
  • Multi-weapon combat
  • The ability to use multiple mods at once
KeeperRL Alpha 30 Gnomes

The following are some of the more interesting changes:


  • New mechanic involving assembling automaton minions from different body parts.
  • 4 types of corpuses: light, normal, heavy, and helicopterum. Made from wood, iron, or adamantine.
  • Humanoid, fire breathing, acid-spitting, and archer heads.
  • Melee, drill, crafting, and repair arms.
  • There is no single Keeper creature; all gnomes need to be killed in order to lose the game.
  • New traps: “destroy walls” and “trap trigger.”


  • Some enemies will be retired when they kill the player, and the player’s base will be used as that enemy’s lair in future games.
  • The player can choose any of the 5 existing biomes to build their base.
  • Creatures get “slayer” titles and stat bonuses for killing tribe leaders.
  • Keepers make paintings and write poems inspired by real game events.
KeeperRL roguelike kill lists


  • New “Hell” hidden dungeon of end-game difficulty with new enemies, special items, and surprises.
  • “Black market” hidden level with special equipment.
  • “Adoxie Vault” special level.
  • New minions of the “less evil” Keeper: angels, galeams, cherubs, cleric, artisan, and recruitable Teutonic Knights.


  • Loading multiple mods at the same time is now possible.
  • All graphics in the game can be reloaded by pressing F8 while playing.

Read the full changelog here.

KeeperRL Alpha 30 is available on Steam,, and on the KeeperRL website. Alternatively, if you donate $15 or more to any wildlife charity you can get the game for free.

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