Roguelikedev Does the Complete Roguelike Tutorial

Learn to Code a Roguelike Game in Python

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If you’ve ever wanted to learn to code your own roguelike game, now’s your chance!

The RoguelikeDev community on Reddit has started The Complete Roguelike Tutorial again this year. The tutorial started on June 16th but you can still join any time. This is a great chance to learn to code your first roguelike game and to learn to code using the Python language.

You’ll learn to create dungeons using procedural generation, populate your dungeons with armor, weapons, and creatures, and give those creatures artificial intelligence (AI). Learn to add a user interface (UI), inventory screen, and how to save and load game information.

You can find the announcement and the schedule on the RoguelikeDev page.


Python is a good first language with which to learn to code. It’s powerful, readable, and has a small learning curve. Python is quite popular and is used for web development, machine learning, and scientific calculations. There are also a lot of tutorials and books available to help you learn.

Python was not my first coding language, but this tutorial is how I initially learned to code in Python. You can see examples of my roguelike efforts below.

Pixel Town of Dunhearth
Town of Dunhearth - Trees inspired from Ultima Ratio Regum
Cellular Automata-created Cave
Cellular Automata-created Cave
Simple roguelike dungeon
Kobold Combat - See the dice rolls scroll on the right

I truly appreciate the work of the many volunteers that put this tutorial and the other related tutorials together on RoguelikeDev and RogueBasin. My sincerest gratitude.

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