Rimworld screen with sleeping colonists and alligator

Rimworld Diary: Day One – Artistically Shot Ibex

Rimworld is a science-fiction colony simulator. Players manage a group of colonists, directing them to build a home base and survive on a distant planet, a rim world.

Rimworld is also a story generator. Behind-the-scenes, the game is driven by intelligent AI storytellers that adjust events in various ways.

The interplay of storyteller, deep simulation and player actions make for rich stories and fun gameplay. Highly recommended for emergent mages.

Rimworld was developed by Montreal-based Ludeon Studios. Designed by Tynan Sylvester.

The following is Rimworld gameplay modded for medieval period technology, fantasy races, and magic.

You’ll notice the text jumps between game narrative in the past tense, game-meta in block quotes, and my own comments in italics.


I pour boiling water over the ground, Sumatra coffee. A glass carafe fills with freshly brewed coffee.

I sit at my desk in the upstairs office.

Double-click the Steam icon and navigate to the Medieval+ mod collection by NECEROS’s Workshop.

As usual, Lyla-the-pug jumps up on my lap.

I follow instructions to install the collection. The provided XML file ensures mods are correctly ordered. Nice. Mods load…forevar.

Coffee cools.

Click New colony. Wood Elves scenario.

Maynard Medieval storyteller “likes to tell tales of heroism and hardship – of prosperity and peril.” Select Builder.

Seed: cosme

Rimworld world screen created with seed "cosme"

Metal Dragons

12th of Aprimay, 5500

The metal dragons were very angry. They came at night. They swept through your village, cutting and burning your people with their talons and fire.

Only a few of you escaped. Now, after a harrowing journey on foot, with no close friends to turn to, you must build a new home in the wilderness, like your ancestors did.

Meet the Colonists

The small colony consists of five wood elves, a pet hare and corgi, and a crocodile.

Fenden is a pretty wood elf who likes to be alone. All the female colonists think highly of him. His daughter is Yassatra.

Yassatra is Fenden’s daughter. She is a muffalo shaman, attuned to the element of lightning–a lightning mage. Yassatra has a pet hare named, “Helpless Sling.”

Glynneiros is a tough warrior. He’s a nightowl and prefers to keep working after the others have gone to bed. He often talks to young Yessatra. She will gladly discuss topics such as the advantages of swords, barfights, blackjack, and fighting demons with Glynneiros.
His sister is Xilmoira.

Xilmoira really likes food. Preparing food, eating food, and then eating more food. She is friends with Fendan. She has a cute little corgi named, “Neche.”

Venmoira is an older, sickly wood elf. She’s also a muffalo shaman. She was abandoned as a child. She does not care for young Yassatra.

Adornazine is a male, tame crocodile that follows the tribe around.


Yup. The first thing the new tribe does is to sit and talk about each other. They don’t gather wild carrots, fish for koi, or find a place to sleep. They gossip.

Xilmoira chatted with Fendan about the other colonists.
Venmoira chatted with Xilmoira about the other colonists.
Glynneiros chatted with Xilmoira about the other colonists.

Unfortunately, between Yassatra and Venmoira, the conversation devolved.

Yessatra slandered Venmoira’s intellectual skills.
Rimworld character approval value

Fenden Versus the Ibex

Fendan, ever the loner, sat far away from the tribe and watched the clouds. Just beyond the rocks, under the oak tree, he saw an ibex. Fenden stood and aimed his short bow. He shot at the ibex and missed. Then, he missed it again. He missed again. He missed again.

Sounds like a certain Phil Collins song from 1981.

Fenden decided he needed to be more creative with his posture and bow stance. His curly blonde hair moved in the wind as he closed one eye and aimed. Three fingers on the bowstring released the arrow.

Fendan, wielding his short bow artistically, shot the ibex in the body.

That approach did the trick because, either by archery skill (“Level 9: Solid Professional”), narcissism (he’s “pretty”), or sheer delusion, Fenden starts taking down this poor ibex. Fenden just needed to change up his stance!

Fendan, wielding his short bow like a virtuoso, shot the ibex in the left eye.
Fendan, wielding his short bow expertly, shot the ibex in the right kidney and body.
Fendan hit the ibex with a projectile.
A cut caused the ibex to crumple feebly.
The ibex expired.
Dead ibex in Rimworld

Fenden smiled to himself.

Blood dries on blades of grass.

Like lots of blades of grass. There’s blood all over the place!

Evening Fell

As evening fell, the colonists finished the last of their tasks.

Glynneiros dragged the ibex carcass into the new shed. The ibex carcass was out in the sun all afternoon, becoming increasingly foul-smelling. The shed will be a cooler place for it.

Fenden talked to Venmoira and tried to convince her to forgive his daughter Yassatra for her inconsiderate words.

After fishing in the pond all afternoon, Yassatra returned with a pile of koi fish.

Xilmoira decided to have another snack of pemmican snack, a preserved mixture of fat and plant food. It tasted rather bland but Xilmoira didn’t mind.

Rimworld in the evening with sleeping characters

Thanks for reading this Rimworld Diary. Be sure to check out the next entry: Rimworld Diary: Day Two – Adornazine’s Birthday.

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