Rimworld screenshot depicting the burgeoning colony of Hiswick

Rimworld Story – Hiswick #1: A Good Night

A Good Night

Last night was a good night. It was Friday in the middle of July. The day had cooled enough so that we could turn off the air conditioners and open the windows again. The breeze picked up and then fell silent at times as a storm system moved through the area. We never did get a heavy downpour. We never lost power.

My wife received an Ayurvedic Golden Milk Blend in the mail, which she had purchased from Amazon. The package calls the resulting drink a “Turmeric Tea Latte.” The blend consists of organic turmeric, Ceylon cinnamon, ground ginger, and black pepper. She mixed the Golden Milk Blend with almond milk, coconut milk, and two Medjool dates in the blender. She poured two glasses and we tapped them together before our first sip. The taste is not unlike eggnog but less thick and cloying.

I sat down with my drink and double-clicked the RimWorld icon. The game loaded and I was immediately pulled in by the relaxing, ambient music in the game.

Rimworld Soundtrack

I absolutely adore the music in Rimworld. Despite being a big music fan, I’m not one to listen to game soundtracks but I could totally listen to Rimworld’s soundtrack. The composer, Alistair Lindsay, did a fantastic job. There’s an acoustic guitar track that reminds me of the TV show Firefly, of course. There’s another track that reminds me of 1980’s new age/fusion; kind of like the band, Shadowfax. I grin when that track comes on.

The Rimworld Royalty DLC

With the idea that I would write a Rimworld Royalty DLC review based on my playing experience, I took note of the version. Version 1.1.2654.

The Royalty DLC was released in February. Additional updates in April and May brought new features, including the “Meditate On It” release at the end of May.

The Royalty expansion consists of many new features like royal titles, psychic powers, quests, mech clusters, imperial tech, and new music. Consider some of these descriptions from the Steam page:

  • “Build luxurious bedrooms and grand throne rooms for your noble as they rise through the royal ranks.”
  • “Advanced psycasts induce mass vomiting in crowds of foes, teleport objects or people, drive crowds of enemies or herds of animals berserk, or render allies temporarily invisible for stealth attacks.”
  • “Quests will reward you with new allies, unique implants, archotechnological artifacts, gear, royal titles, faction goodwill, and more.”
  • “Mechanoids can now create mechanoid clusters – groups of new mechanoid buildings which work together to present a unique tactical challenge.”
  • “Imperial technology mixes ancient weapons and ultratechnology. They wield plasma swords, electrical zeushammers, and hypersharp monoswords.”

That’s just a small fraction of feature details described on the page. The imagination immediately begins to envision the coolest sci-fi scenarios.

Rimworld Royalty with Humble Partner stamp
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Game Setup

For the Storyteller AI choice, I selected the Cassandra Classic, Adventure Story, and Commitment Mode.

Seed: turnip.

I chose three colonists from the eight randomly generated for me. I did not modify the characters. My goal was to find characters with skills that suggest at least a modicum potential for survival, while also having traits that ensure entertaining stories.

Also, I should also note that I started this play-through with no mods whatsoever; just the base game and the Rimworld Royalty DLC.

The three characters crash-landed in a lightly-forested area beside the Ferret Foot Sea. Beachfront property!

Rimworld Story Hiswick colony location

The First Colonists

I’ll briefly introduce the first three colonists for this Rimworld story.


Lumine “Lumi” LeBlanc is a bounty hunter with excellent shooting and melee skills. Naturally, I gave her the rifle as soon as the colonists landed. She is also bisexual, very neurotic apparently, and is somewhat artistic and sociable. Lumi has some mining skills, which will come in handy for carving out the beginnings of a fortress.

Rimworld Story Lumi


Ryan “Legend” Micheal is a fugitive. Who knows what he did to become a fugitive. The Legend was chosen for his high intelligence. In the past, he was a child researcher. A child researcher!

Legend is a quick sleeper and misogynist. He wants to be a construction worker and has skills in cooking and plants, which will all be useful for survival.

Rimworld Story Legend

I’m apprehensive about Legend’s misogynist trait. I abhor misogyny and worry that any story that derives from the trait will simply be distasteful or annoying. We’ll see.


Kevin Nilsson is a very sociable neuroscientist. He has a predilection for beer and chemical substances in general, though funny enough he has a low alcohol tolerance. He likes to cook, but he’s not very good at it.

Rimworld Story Kevin

Someone or something bit Kevin’s left middle toe at some point, which left a scar. It itches sometimes. I also found that he walks very slow, which was maddening at times.

My concern with Kevin is that I’m not sure how to produce alcohol and maintain his slight addiction. I’ll have to do a little research to figure that out. I’m not condoning alcohol use in any way, but the alcohol system in Rimworld is something I’d like to learn more about and experience. Obviously, this negative trait has the potential for humorous outcomes.

The Colony Begins

After the crash landing, the colonists gathered their scattered supplies into a single zone.

I decided to have the colony settle in some nearby caves. Very little supplies were required to close the openings with walls and doors.

As usual, they talked as they worked. They were apparently untroubled by their predicament and confident in their basic survival needs. They discussed things like practicing chess, making sandals, friendly town councilors, and a “word about poker.”

Rimworld Story Colonist Conversation

Then, Legend had to go and compare Lumi to a pig. Ah! I knew this was going to happen. I never should have included Legend and his misogynist trait. Lumi rightly took offense. I mean, pigs are wonderful creatures, but I think we all know that Legend’s comparison was derogatory.

As soon as the colonists arrive, a donkey named, “Wilhelmina” bonded with Legend. Unfortunately, by the second night, Wilhelmina had a heart attack and died. That may dampen Legend’s mood in the near future.

I’m hoping that the red fox that’s been hanging around will bond with one of the colonists.

Progress and Plans

The colonists closed in the three cave entrances and made three beds.

You can see in the image below that I made additional storage zones. One in the cave for important items like food and medicine that need to be out of the weather. The zone just outside for steel, wood, and stone. There is another zone not shown in the image that is for refuse and carcasses. You can also see that the supplies are not yet organized in the correct zones because the colonists got tired and went to sleep.

Rimworld story hiswick a good night

There is a small wooden horseshoe pin for recreation. None of the colonists have used it yet as they have been busy building and reorganizing the placement of goods.

Also, not shown in the image is a butcher spot and table. Can they eat the deceased donkey? I think so. Poor Wilhelmina.

Kevin thought they should give their settlement a name. They decided on the name, “Hiswick.” (I insisted that the first random suggestion should be the name.)

The name of their faction is the “Self-determining Covenant of Mondberium.”


There’s a pack of muffalo’s not too far from the colony. At the risk of starting a stampede, I may send Lumi out there with her rifle to cull one of the animals for colony sustenance.

The colonists will make sandbags and set up a small perimeter of barricades around the cave entrances.

The cave will become more defined and made into purposeful living spaces.

The rich soil nearby will favor gardens of potatoes and rice.

With enough steel, the colonists can build solar panels perhaps for the sake of energy. There is also a steam geyser nearby that the colonists may eventually harness for energy too.

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Time to Save and Go To Bed

The ambient music and the golden milk made for a relaxing session of Rimworld. I didn’t get too far with the colony but oh well. I closed the windows, turned off lights, and headed up to bed to read some more of R. Scott Bakker’s fantasy novel, The Darkness That Comes Before.

Thanks for reading this Rimworld story!

So far I don’t think any Rimworld Royalty content was experienced.

At this point in the playthrough, I thought everything was going alright. Let’s just say that my approach to developing the colony was already fraught with problems. I’ll describe that in more detail in the next story episode.

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