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Blue banner for Roguelike Celebration

Roguelike Celebration 2020 is Coming Soon

Are you a fan of roguelike games, procedural generation, poetry, or game design? If so, attend the Roguelike Celebration this October 3-4.

Cave of Qud screenshot of Tomb of Eaters entrance

Caves of Qud – The Tomb of Eaters Release

A gigantic tomb complex built around the Spindle at Omonporch. Twelve stories tall with several historically striated sections, and 100 maps!

Cup of coffee with a laptop on wood table

Game News for the Week of June 28

Pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea and catch up on the game news from this last week. Caves of Qud mods, Mohawk Games, and more. Enjoy!

Roguelikedev Does the Complete Roguelike Tutorial

Learn to Code a Roguelike Game in Python

Now is your chance to learn to code games in Python! Start by following The Complete Roguelike Tutorial from RoguelikeDev.

KeeperRL wizard with red robe and staff

KeeperRL Alpha 30: Gnomes, Biomes, and Hell

KeeperRL Alpha 30 release features gnomes with automaton minions, kill lists, and a "Hell" dungeon. Read more about the new features here.

black background with white text "loadRL"

What is loadRL?

If you are a fan of roguelike games, you owe it to yourself to download loadRL. This article gives a brief introduction to this useful software tool.

Crusader Kings 3 promotion image with king, thief, and diplomat

Crusader Kings 3 Release Date Announced

Yes! Finally, the Crusader Kings 3 Release Date has been announced and we can start looking forward to the date and planning days off from work.

Jupiter Hell Berserker Update

Jupiter Hell Berserker Update Brings Sharp Metal

Jupiter Hell Berserker Update lets you rip'n'tear enemies, with chainsaws, machetes, and katanas. Now's the time to get in close

A candle aflame with the words "Coronavirus, Hygge, and Gaming" above

Coronavirus, Hygge, and Gaming

Hygge and gaming are two ways to deal with anxiety. Learn to get cozy and take your leisure seriously. Stay home. Stay safe. Keep gaming.


Dwarf Fortress Villains and “New Mostly Evil Magical Stuff” Release

Dwarf Fortress villains release 0.47.01 has guildhalls, temples, horseback riding, adventure mode parties, tactical combat, evil creatures, and villains.