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Rimworld screenshot of two colonists and fire

Rimworld Story – Hiswick #2: Poorly Orchestrated Hell

A Rimworld story wherein colonists eat donkey sushi, inflict arachnid self-doubt, discuss fighting barbarians, and meditate on the madness.

Rimworld screenshot depicting the burgeoning colony of Hiswick

Rimworld Story – Hiswick #1: A Good Night

A Rimworld story about the settlement of Riswick. Three colonists and a donkey. #Rimworld Soundtrack, #Rimworld Royalty DLC

A dungeon scene in the game Zorbus

Zorbus Dungeon Crawl: Thieves Blood

Zorbus is a turn-based roleplaying roguelike by Joonas Hirvonen. Read about the tiefling Kimgrey has he explores level 1 of the dungeon.

Caves of Qud Adventure

Caves of Qud Adventure: The Horror at Red Rock

A Caves of Qud adventure. Mutated human meets dromad merchant and magenta ray cat. Fights giant dragonflies and baboons. Reads graffiti on a table.

Rimworld screen with sleeping colonists and alligator

Rimworld Diary: Day One – Artistically Shot Ibex

Fancy archery, gossip, and a mean lightning mage. Follow this Rimworld diary modded for medieval period technology, fantasy races, and magic.

Rimworld diary Adornazine's Birthday card

Rimworld Diary: Day Two – Adornazine’s Birthday

This Rimworld diary entry celebrates Adornazine's 27th birthday. He wanders around, stands too close to the campfire, and sleeps with an ibex carcass.